• Clue solving hunts and tours

    Discover London through your phone. Self-guided treasure hunts are perfect for sightseeing, team building and date days.

  • How it works

    Experience the city as a local with our inside knowledge of secret alley ways and fantastic pubs.

    1. Find your hunt!

    Whether you're looking for a fun afternoon out with family and friends, team building with workmates or something different to do with your partner we've got you covered. Once you've found the hunt for you, you can purchase it securely via PayPal. Full instructions will be sent to you via-e-mail.

    2. Download our smart phone app to access the clues directly to your phone.

    Available on Apple and Android. All of our hunts and games are stored in an app called ClueKeeper. It's simple to use and hunts will be ready to play immediately. You only need one smart phone per team to play.

    3. Follow the clues on your trail of discovery around London.

    Head to your start location to begin. Full instructions will be sent to you via e-mail. You can choose to race other teams or the clock or take it at your own pace. All of our hunts have optional break stops so you can take in the sights or have a quick drink in the pub. Our museum collection are more laid back giving you time to take in the exhibits along the way.

  • London Hunts

    Not sure what to choose just get in touch.

    Sins and Secrets

    Your first day as a detective for the City Police gets off to an interesting start. ​

    Become a Detective for the afternoon as you follow the clues left by your suspect. A fun way to discover hidden parts of London. Set around the City of London including St. Pauls, Barbican and Farringdon.


    Culture Hunt: Museum of London

    A fun, alternative way to discover one of London's most loved museums.

    Unravel the riddles and solve the clues as you go on a journey through the exhibits. The trail takes in the highlights with plenty of time to stop and explore on the way around. No prior knowledge of the museum is needed.


    Culture Hunt: Science Museum

    A fun way to explore the museum and suitable for all the family.

    Solve the clues and go on a journey through space and time. The trail takes in the highlights with a break half way through so you can stop and explore. No prior knowledge of the museum is needed.



  • FAQ's

    Can't find the answer? Why not get in touch.

    How much do the hunts cost?

    Our hunts are £15 - £25. Our museum collection offer a simple, fun way to take in the exhibits whilst our other games will transform you into a detective for the day or have you working as Sherlock's assistant. There is no limit on team players but the number of devices that can access the clues at one time is limited to 5.

    Do i need a smart phone to play?

    All of our hunts are stored in mobile app ClueKeeper. It currently supports iOS 7.1 or newer for iPhone and iPad, and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or newer for Android phones and tablets. You only need one device per team to play. The team captain can add up to 4 other players (5 in total) who can access the clues but this is optional.

    What if my battery dies?

    We recommend having a fully charged phone before starting the hunt. However only one person in your team needs to answer the clues. The team captain can transfer their role to another team member at any point during the hunt.

    Is any prior knowledge needed?

    Our hunts are designed with the intention of discovering the city around you. No prior knowledge is necessary but a map might be useful if it's your first time in the area. Our hunts are designed for fluent English speakers with some use of colloquial language.

    What if i get stuck on the hunt?

    Each hunt has hints you can access to help you. Some are free and some cost you points but they'll ensure you get back on track. You will also have a number you can call during office hours.

    When can i play the hunts?

    Hunts are available immediately. However, each hunt has recommended playing times, accordingly to locations being accessible. Please check each hunt for their start times.

  • What the players say...

    'One of the best ways to see the city. I played Sins and Secrets with my girlfriend as a date day. We chose a Sunday so the city was quiet and stopped for a Sunday roast and a pint along the way. Perfect.'

    What the players say...

    'So much fun! I played with some old uni friends. There was plenty of time to catch up along the way. We know London really well but still discovered things we've never seen before. We played on a Saturday afternoon and finished off with a few cocktails.'

    What the players say...

    'As head of the social committee at work it's my job to find something fun to do which doesn't cost the earth. This is great value for money, easy to get started and a fun challenge. We set up three teams and raced each other.'